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Saint Scarlett is in the music business for the long run

The alt-rock duo has spent three years making their debut album and planning their career.

Have a First Listen to alt-rock duo's self-titled debut album

Saint Scarlett are Lauren Eddy and Derek Graham. (Anika Bursey)

Saint Scarlett, the alt-rock duo consisting of Lauren Eddy and Derek Graham, spent more time than most new bands on their first recording.  

Forming the band, recording their self-titled EP, and releasing it earlier this month, has taken them three years.  

"It wasn't planning three years for one day," said Graham. "It was planning three years for the rest of our lives." 

Prairie meets bay 

Graham and Eddy, are, on first glance, an odd pairing. 

Graham is originally from Winnipeg, and spent several years playing with a Christian rock band and touring across Canada. 

When that band started to scale back its activities, Graham was looking for a change of scenery. 

"I heard stories from friends of mine I met through the music scene across Canada, and they always suggested that I needed to go to St. John's and check out the music scene," said Graham.

Eddy is from Bonavista, N.L. She grew up singing in church and school choirs, and as a teenager, learned to play the guitar. She sings mostly folk music but dabbles in classic rock, jazz and country. 

Taking their time

They met each other when they were students in the sound recording program at the College of the North Atlantic, hit it off immediately, and formed Saint Scarlett. 

The duo spent a couple of years making their EP, and then, knowing the challenges of making it in the music industry, another year making a business plan. 

Graham and Eddy hope Saint Scarlett will become a touring act, and that their original songs can be placed into films and television programs. 

"I don't think you can get by on just artistic talent," said Graham. 

"You have to have the business mindset as well."

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