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Paul Brace thought he might not live to tell you about his solo album

Paul Brace recorded his ECMA-nominated album Liars and Actors while undergoing aggressive cancer treatment in 2018.

Have a First LIsten to Liars and Actors by Paul Brace

Paul Brace recorded his solo album, Liars and Actors, while undergoing treatment for Stage 4 Cancer. (Courtesy Paul Brace)

"I was a sick, sick man," says musician and cancer survivor Paul Brace, of how he spent most of 2018.

Brace spent the first half of last year undergoing aggressive chemotherapy for Stage 4A Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

Midway through his treatment, he wound up in hospital with side effects that nearly killed him.

"There was a moment there that I decided enough was enough," said Brace.

"I'm going to finally make this album that I've been procrastinating for years and years."

Brace, with support from his musician friends, made a solo album called Liars and Actors

"It's about questioning your mortality, said Brace.

"Life, death, and what comes after."

Listen to Paul Brace's interview with Weekend AM's Heather Barrett

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