First Listen: Medusazoa by Hip Waders

Medusazoa, the second album by instrumental group Hip Waders, is a relationship-themed work, according to the band’s keyboardist Wade Tarling.

St. John's based band plays all-instrumental fusion of rock, pop, jazz

Hip Waders are (L - R) Jeff Kinsman, Allan Brake, and Wade Tarling. (courtesy the Hip Waders )

Keyboardist Wade Tarling says Medusazoa, the second album by his band Hip Waders, tackles some tough topics.

"It's all about relationships, and how they work or don't work."

Hip Waders, also made up of Jeff Kinsman on bass and Allan Brake on drums, play a melodic blend of pop, rock and jazz, with some improvisation.

"Some [of the tracks] involve a lot of risque topics, some are about dating and some are about marriage," said Tarling.

But Tarling admitted it may be a challenge for listeners to pick up on those themes through the band's all-instrumental album.  

"It's open to your own interpretation."

Have a listen to Wade Tarling and Jeff Kinsman's conversation with Heather Barrett on Weekend AM.

ade Tarling and Jeff Kinsman of the rock-jazz group The Hip Waders discuss their new album, Medusazoa with Weekend AM's Heather Barrett. 17:41

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