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First Light Fridays: Learn all about our radio series about being Indigenous in N.L.

First Light Fridays is a celebration of revitalization and reclamation of traditional and cultural practices, coming to you on the second Friday of every month on CBC Radio.

New CBC NL radio series explores what it means to be Indigenous in NL

First Light Fridays is a collaboration between First Light and CBC N.L. (CBC)

First Lights Fridays is a collaboration between CBC Newfoundland and Labrador and First Light. The monthly show explores what it means to be Indigenous in Newfoundland and Labrador (and sometimes beyond).

It's a celebration of revitalization and reclamation of traditional/cultural practices in an urban setting, from an Indigenous perspective, for everyone. The topics on the table include social justice, arts and culture, and many more.

It's where celebration meets social commentary, a space that allows everyone to be comfortable — and uncomfortable — together. 

First Light Friday airs at 5:30 p.m. NT on the second Friday of each month on CBC Radio One. 


Episode One:  

Host Jenelle Duval, First Light's arts and culture co-ordinator, talks to Iqaluit band the Jerry Cans about the importance of language in song.

She also chats with some performers at the 2020 Spirit Song Festival: an Inuit woman who is helping revive throat singing in an urban setting, and Labrador band Silver Wolf, on how the land inspires their music. 

LISTEN | Click the player below to hear the first episode: 

Kathy Walsh and Salome Barker are the hosts of December's episode of First Light Fridays. (Richie Perez)

Episode Two:  

Hosts Salome Barker and Kathy Walsh host a holiday-themed show, where they explore some very special holiday traditions. 

They also hear from world-class Inuk opera singer Deantha Edmunds, who takes us through some songs of the season, in Inuktitut. 

LISTEN | Click the player below to hear the the second episode: 

Joanna Barker and Matthew Barrett share some of their favorite tunes by Indigenous artists. (CBC)

Episode Three:  

Looking to add to that 2021 playlist? Hosts Matthew Barrett and Joanna Barker spin tunes from some of their favourite Indigenous artists.

LISTEN | Click the player below to hear the the third episode: 

First Light Fridays Episode Three

9 months ago
This week we welcome hosts Joanna Barker and Matthew Barrett, who spin some tunes by their favourite Indigenous Artists. 25:46

Episode Four:  

Ivan J. White hosts this episode of First Light Friday. (Ivan J. White)

It's all about love and politics on this episode. Host Ivan J. White from St. George's explores what it means to be two-spirited. He also chats with Paul Pike, Mi'kmaw storyteller and musician, about the role the flute has played in courtship.

Plus, what people in Indigenous communities would like to see when the new government comes into power. And, kids at First Light Daycare Centre share their thoughts on love. 

LISTEN | Click the player below to hear the the the fourth episode: 

First Light Fridays: Episode Four

8 months ago
On this month's episdoe, host Ivan J. White explores the theme of love and politics 23:56

Episode Five:  

This week we welcome 14-year-old host, Kassidy Lush to the show. Kassidy is a lover of music, stories, and her Poppy Joe! (Jenelle Duval)

We're thrilled to have our youngest host to date. Kassidy Lush, 14, lives in St. John's. In this episode, she gets to know First Light's new executive director, Stacey Howse, by playing the question game with her. 

She checks in with some teens in the Big Land about traditions that are near and dear to their hearts. You'll meet a grasswork artist in Rigolet, and two teen boys who love to pick berries. 

Plus, she gives one of her favourite people, "Poppy Joe," a call to find out how his recent COVID-19 vaccination went.  

LISTEN | Click the player below to hear the the the fifth episode: 

Episode Six:

Kanani Davis, Rod Jeddore and Sarah Townley discuss how they’re keeping Indigenous language alive. (CBC)

Jenelle Duval hosts a panel discussion on keeping Indigenous language alive.

She's joined by guests:

  • Rod Jeddore of Miawpukek First Nation, the current director of education and teacher of the Mi'kmaq language at Se't A'newey School.
  • Sarah Townley of North West River, a teacher of the Inuktitut language and retired program co-ordinator for Inuit programs with the Labrador School Board, which is now part of the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District. 
  • Kanani Davis from Sheshatshiu, a teacher of Innu-aimun and CEO of Mamu Tshishkutamashutau Innu Education, Inc.

LISTEN | Click the player below to hear the the the sixth episode:

First Light Fridays Episode Six

6 months ago
Jenelle Duval hosts a panel discussion on keeping Indigenous languages alive. 30:02

Episode Seven:

Natasha Blackwood hosts First Light Fridays this month. Natasha is the coordinator of the First Light Centre for Performance and Creativity. (Submitted by Natasha Blackwood)

This month's show focuses on a place where art, community, housing and social work intersect. We're talking about First Light's Centre for Performance and Creativity.

Natasha Blackwood is the coordinator there, and she is super-excited to be hosting this episode. You'll hear from some of the amazing artists who have performed there, and from a resident who calls the centre home.

As well, First Light's Director of Social Supports, Andrew Harvey will talk about what housing insecurity looks like here in St. John's.

LISTEN | Click the player below to hear the the the seventh episode:

Episode Eight:

Heidi Dixon is the host of First Light Friday’s season finale. She’s the operations coordinator at First Light. (Submitted)

In June, we celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day. On this episode, we hear from some of the artists performing at the N.L. celebrations. Michael R. Denny is from Eskasoni on Cape Breton Island. Most people know him for his role as singer and drummer in the Stoney Bear Singers. But Michael's job, when he's not performing, is as co-ordinator for the Red Roads Project. This program bridges the gap between youth and elders, and encourages a sober lifestyle. West coast country singer Jason Benoit talks about what life as a performer is like in a pandemic. As well, Lorna Lovell shares a beautiful story of her late father, and how she keeps his memory alive through music. Plus, we have lessons in cultural humility with Heidi! 

LISTEN | Click the player below to hear the eighth episode:

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