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From late night music camp jams to Cotillion

The folk trio Cotillion is a music camp band, but its members, Gerry Strong, Dave Panting, and Hugh Scott, are hardly youngsters on a holiday.

Have a First Listen to Tinker's Wagon by Cotillion

Cotillion are L-R: Hugh Scott, Gerry Strong, and Dave Panting. (Courtesy Cotillion )

The folk trio Cotillion is a music camp band.

But Gerry Strong, Dave Panting, and Hugh Scott, the members of Cotillion,  are hardly youngsters who were sent away for a holiday.

The three veteran musicians have been longtime instructors at Vinland Music Camp, held every August at Killdevil Resort and Conference Centre in Lomond, Gros Morne National Park. 

"We had Cabin Four at the camp, which is one of the instructors' cabins," said Panting.

"A very holy place," joked Scott.

Panting said Cabin Four has been the site of many late night jam sessions at the traditional music, storytelling, and folk dancing camp.

The trio decided that they wanted to play together more than once a year during the August camp, and formed Cotillion.

Lifetimes of experience 

Panting and Scott have played and sung for decades in a wide range of bands, from blues to rock to country to traditional.

Strong, a wooden flute and tin whistle player, is a veteran of traditional bands and sessions and has an extensive repertoire of Celtic music from around the world. 

They each came up with a list of their favourite pieces of music, decided on which worked the best for their voices and instruments, and recorded the album Tinker's Wagon.

Listen here to find out more about Cotillion and the band's new album 

Tinker's Wagon features traditional tunes and songs from Celtic cultures all over the world, from here in Newfoundland and Labrador, from  Australia and even from Venezuela.

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