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Clarinetist Christine Carter tees up interest in classical chamber music

Clarinetist Christine Carter's research on musical interest techniques is striking a chord with some unlikely fans — professional golfers.

Have a First Listen to Invitation: Trios for Clarinet, Violin and Piano by Christine Carter & Duo Concertante

Christine Carter and Duo Concertante (Timothy Steeves and Nancy Dahn) have recorded an album of chamber music called Invitation: Trios for Clarient, Violin and PIano. (Courtesy Bo Huang)

Clarinetist Christine Carter has an unlikely groups of fans — professional golfers.

In addition to her work as a chamber musician and professor at Memorial University's School of Music, her research on musical instrument practice techniques has landed in some far-flung areas.

"One of the articles I wrote was picked up on by Golf Digest," said Carter.

"So now I get emails from all these pro golfers asking for practice advice, even though I've really played very little golf."

Carter said musicians practicing a musical instrument have a lot in common with athletes training in a sport, and her own work has been influenced by sports psychology.

"But now my work seems to be influencing sport, so it's kind of a funny circle."

Teaming up with Duo Concertante

Carter and the members of Duo Concertante, Timothy Steeves and Nancy Dahn, have yet to tee off for a round of golf, but they have collaborated on a new album called Invitation: Trios for Clarinet, Violin, and Piano.

It's an album, of quirky, bubbly classical chamber music from the last hundred or so years.  

"It's light, fun, the clarinet and violin have to play a lot together, so it's challenging, too," said violinist Nancy Dahn.

And, Dahn admitted, Carter's musical practice techniques have rubbed off on the duo a bit.

"The rate of improvement is a steeper curve," said Dahn.

Clarinetist Christine Carter and the members of Duo Concertante talk about their new album, Invitation: Trios for Clarinet, Violin and Piano, and Christine's connection with the golf community. 23:53

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