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First Listen: Strangers by Brad Fillatre

Brad Fillatre says his family has been very supportive of his decision to strike out on his own as a singer-songwriter, instead of joining his family’s funeral home business.

Corner Brook musician releases introspective folk-roots album

Brad Fillatre has a new album out, called Strangers. (courtesy Brad Fillatre )

Brad Fillatre isn't following in his family's footsteps when it comes to his career, choosing a different path from running the longtime family funeral home business in his hometown of Corner Brook.

He says his family is very supportive of his decision to strike out on his own as a singer-songwriter instead of helping to run a funeral home. 

"I think I'm too sensitive for that business, to be honest," said Fillatre.

"I think I'm over-empathetic."

Fillatre said that sensitivity proved very helpful in creating his album, Strangers, a collection of introspective folk-roots-country songs.

Have a listen to Brad Fillatre's conversation with Weekend AM host Heather Barrett.

Brad Fillatre talks with Weekend AM's Heather Barrett about his new album, Strangers.

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