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'I'm super-grateful': Alan Doyle releases new book and solo album

Alan Doyle released a new record and book in October, but success isn't something he takes for granted.

Musician performs special concert for contest winners at CBC in St. John's

Alan Doyle plays to a small crowd of contest winners in Studio F at the CBC building in St. John's. (Christine Davies/CBC)

Alan Doyle has been performing for years and has built a dedicated fanbase, not only for his work as a musician, but as an actor and author as well. 

His new book, A Newfoundlander in Canada, and third solo album, A Week at the Warehouse, were released within just a few days of each other in mid-October. 

Alan Doyle tunes his guitar in Studio F at the St. John's CBC building. (Christine Davies/CBC)

That success isn't something he takes for granted.

"I'm lucky to still be in the game at all, I always say," said Doyle. "It's incredible to me that people are still hanging around and I'm super-grateful for it.

"I'm in my late 40s and I'm almost letting myself believe for the first time that I might actually get away with this, like, I might actually make it to 60 or whatever and not have to go to work," he laughed. "This is pretty awesome."

A few contest-winning fans of Alan Doyle got to sit in at a performance by Doyle at CBC in St. John's on Friday.

Brenda Lush says she's been a fan of his — and of his band, Great Big Sea — for as long as she can remember.

Lucy Coughlan, with her father, Geoff, shows her love for Alan Doyle while waiting to hear him perform a special show for contest winners at CBC in St. John's. (Todd O'Brien/CBC)

"When he goes on tours, he brings that Newfoundland feeling with him, and everybody enjoys that and loves to be with him and enjoys the music," she said. "I know that's why I'm a big fan."

Little Lucy Coughlan came with her father, Geoff — and a gift for her favourite artist.

"We have a little thing from her preschool," said Geoff.

"They had to do a little heart craft, and Lucy came home when she was three and her heart craft had 'Alan' in the middle of it. She's a big fan. She loves the 1,2,3,4 song. She dances around the kitchen with her little brother listening to that all the time."

Have a listen to Alan Doyle's conversation with Weekend AM guest host Maggie Gillis.

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