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2 people rescued from roof in Corner Brook following early morning fire

Four people and two dogs in total were rescued from a house fire in Corner Brook on Tuesday morning, the start of fire prevention week.

There were 4 people, 2 dogs inside home on Country Road; crews kept fire contained to living room

Firefighters rescued four people and two dogs from this house on Country Road during a fire early Tuesday morning. (Colleen Connors/CBC)

Four people and two dogs were rescued from a fire in Corner Brook on Tuesday morning.

Craig Harnum, Corner Brook's deputy fire chief, said the department was alerted around 3:30 a.m. to fire in a home on Country Road.

"While the crews were actually rolling out of the station, they were informed by dispatch that there was people trapped both in the main level of the structure and the bedroom basement apartment," said Harnum.

Our guys hit the ground running.- Craig Harnum

When the fire department arrived, the people who were in the upstairs portion had climbed out onto the roof with their two dogs, with two more people — who weren't aware of the fire until crews arrived — still in the basement.

"Our guys hit the ground running and two guys immediately set up a ladder and rescued the two people off the roof and the two pets," said Harnum.

"The second crew gained a rapid entry into the basement, completed a primary search and located the two people in the bedroom and brought them to safety."

Trapped by smoke and heat

After that, the priority was putting out the fire, which was brought under control within about 20 minutes, said Harnum.

Most of the damage wascontained to the living room.

Corner Brook deputy fire chief Craig Harnum says the fire was contained to the living room at the back of this house on Country Road. (Colleen Connors/CBC)

"The fire didn't get out of the original room, so [firefighters] did a great job," said Harnum, adding that the amount of smoke and heat was what trapped the residents where they were.

It's a kickoff to fire prevention week for us. It's a great story.- Craig Harnum

Harnum said it was "a very smoky fire," and smoke paired with heat prevented the people upstairs from escaping through the lower level.

"They took a chance and went out on the outside roof, and the people in the basement weren't aware of the fire."

Two of the residents were taken to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation.

"It's a kickoff to fire prevention week for us. It's a great story," said Harnum.

"When you get four rescues — well, you want to call it six, because pets are lives too — but when you get four rescues and two pets and stop a fire like that, it's a great win, but it could have been a very ugly scene this morning."

Harnum said he couldn't yet say what caused the fire.