Find out what $650,000 in gold looks like

Representatives from Anaconda Mines dropped by CBC on Friday to showcase what $650,000 in gold looks like when it’s mined, extracted and put on a table.

Hint: It's pretty shiny...

This piece of gold is shiny, expensive and very very heavy. (Gary Locke/CBC)

Representatives from Anaconda Mining dropped by the CBC offices on Friday to showcase what $650,000 looks like in gold when it's mined, extracted and put on a table.

The heavy hunk of glitter came from the Pine Cove gold mine in Baie Verte, and Anaconda Mining CEO Dustin Angelo said it's quite the heavy unit.

"This weighs almost 500 ounces, which is roughly 30 pounds, and there's probably about 400 ounces of gold in it," said Angelo.

"It's about 80 per cent pure, so 80 per cent of that bar is gold."

The gold is so valuable that it was delivered to the CBC by two burly armed guards, and a large armoured Brink's truck.

The $650,000 piece of gold arrived at the CBC building flanked by an armored truck. (Gary Locke/CBC)

Angelo said it takes approximately one week at the mine in Baie Verte to produce a brick of that value.

"This is the final project that we send on to the Royal Canadian Mint," he said.

"This will go into the world market, we'll sell it to a gold trader."

Angelo said he believes the future for gold mining in Newfoundland and Labrador is bright. 

"We're actually the only gold miner in Newfoundland. We feel like we're in a fortunate position." he said.

"There's a lot of deposits that are around that could be economically minable using our mill."