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Funeral home in Happy Valley-Goose Bay heavily damaged by fire

Smoke was coming from Fillatre Funeral Home when crews arrived on the scene.

RCMP to investigate 3rd commercial fire in town

When the Happy Valley-Goose Bay Fire Department arrived at Fillatre Funeral Home Saturday night, smoke was billowing from the building. (Jacob Barker/CBC)

A funeral home in Happy Valley-Goose Bay sustained heavy smoke and water damage from fire on Saturday night, in the town's third commercial fire in a little over a week. 

Fire chief Brad Butler told CBC when crews arrived at Fillatre Funeral Home on Aspen Drive, smoke was coming from the building.

Butler said the rear of the building was damaged from smoke and water, while the front floor area sustained smoke damage. 

He said one person was inside the building when fire broke out, but he got out safely and was taken to hospital.

Crews were called to Fillatre Funeral Home on Aspen Drive. (Jacob Barker/CBC)

Butler said the RCMP will now investigate.

This is the third time fire crews have been called to commercial properties in the last eight days. 

Northmart, one of the town's two grocery stores, sustained significant damage by fire last weekend, as did the Cozy Corner restaurant.

With files from Jacob Barker

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