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Another FHRITP incident in St. John's, another police complaint filed

CBC's Carolyn Stokes was filming an interview when a young man came up behind her and yelled the phrase into the camera. A second young man was filming it.

CBC management has filed complaint with RNC, and the young man who yelled the obscenity has apologised

One of the young men pictured, but not identified, yelled FHRITP into the CBC camera. The other young man filmed it. (CBC)

On the same day charges against one man who allegedly yelled obscenities at a female reporter in St. John's were called in court, CBC has filed a police complaint about another similar incident.

Reporter Carolyn Stokes was recording an interview at the 199th Royal St. John's Regatta on Wednesday when a young man came up behind her and yelled "f--k her right in the p---y" into the camera.

To the left, a second young man can be seen filming the incident.

Since publishing the story on Thursday, CBC News has learned that the two young men in the video are underage, and has chosen not to identify them.

On Thursday morning, CBC management filed a complaint about the incident with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary. The young man who yelled the obscenity has submitted an apology. 

"Not only does this offend women but [it's] telling people that kids my age do not have respect for women and will grow up to do much worse things," he wrote.

This is the second such incident involving a female CBC reporter this month, and is also the second known incident of a police complaint being filed for a FHRITP-related incident in St. John's.

Similar incident in court

The practice of yelling the crude phrase started in 2014, after it was featured in a fake newscast blooper that went viral online.

In April, NTV reporter Heather Gillis posted a photo of a truck, the driver of which allegedly yelled the same obscenity at her.

That man, 27-year-old Justin Penton, did not appear in provincial court Thursday to face his charge of causing a disturbance in the April incident.

Penton has pleaded not guilty, and his trial date is set for Nov. 8.

A previous version of this story incorrectly identified the accused as Justin Patten. We regret the error.