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Families still without water in Hopedale

As the water crisis in the coastal Labrador community of Hopedale eases with milder weather moving in, two dozen homes are still without water.

Long-term strategy needed: Greg Flowers

Water pipes froze in Hopedale over the winter, prompting a state of emergency in the community. (CBC)

As the water crisis in the coastal Labrador community of Hopedale eases with milder weather moving in, two dozen homes are still without water.

Greg Flowers, the Nunatsiavut government member for Hopedale, said pressure to most homes is improving but not everyone has their water back.

While Flower applauds the province and town for supplying pumps to get water flowing, he said the bigger issue of supply and demand needs to be addressed. 

"We have two small ponds that we're trying to feed a community of almost 650," Flowers said. 

Could be summer before water restored

"It can't supply the community, and it was only made for about 100 people, or 150 people."

Flowers said the town should expand westward, where there are several other fresh-water ponds to draw from.

Hopedale declared a state of emergency a month ago when the water supply froze and dropped below the level of the intake pipe in the main reservoir.

Flowers said some homes on higher elevations could be without regular supply until June or July.

In the meantime, those people affected are getting by with bottled water and hauling water to homes in buckets. 


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