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Endorsement tracker: Who's endorsing whom in PC leadership

The three candidates for the Tory leadership are competing for delegates at September's leadership convention. Keep track of the endorsements each contender has received.
John Ottenheimer, Paul Davis and Steve Kent are competing for the PC leadership. (CBC)

Progressive Conservatives will converge on St. John's in September for the party's first leadership convention in almost two decades. Three former cabinet ministers — Paul Davis, Steve Kent and John Ottenheimer — are competing to lead the party, and also the province, as the winning candidate will become Newfoundland and Labrador's next premier. 

All three candidates have been appealing for high-profile help as they court delegates from the province's 48 electoral districts.

Here's a running list of endorsements each candidate has received in advance of the vote on Sept. 13. 

Paul Davis

John Butt, former MHA for Topsail

Sandy Collins, minister of child, youth and family services, MHA for Terra Nova

Tony Cornect, MHA for Port au Port

Eli Cross, MHA for Bonavista North 

Derrick Dalley, minister of natural resources as well as forestry & agrifoods, MHA for The Isles of Notre Dame

Roger Fitzgerald, former MHA and speaker of the house

Terry French, minister of justice, MHA for Conception Bay South 

Joe Goudie, former MHA for Lake Melville

Vaughn Granter, minister of environment and conservation, MHA for Humber West 

Keith Hutchings, minister of fisheries and aquaculture, MHA for Ferryland 

Darin King, minister of education, MHA for Grand Bank 

Glen Little, MHA for Bonavista South

Glenn Littlejohn, MHA for Port de Grave 

Paul Oram, former cabinet minister 

Kevin Parsons, MHA for Cape St. Francis 

Milton Peach, former MHA for Carbonear

Kevin Pollard, MHA for Baie Verte-Springdale 

Len Simms, former MHA for Grand Falls-Windsor-Buchans, speaker of the house

Loyola Sullivan, former provincial finance minister

Wade Verge, deputy speaker, MHA for Lewisporte

Steve Kent 

David Brazil, minister responsible for Service NL, MHA for Conception Bay East-Bell Island

Felix Collins, Attorney General, MHA for Placentia-St. Mary's

Dave Denine, former MHA for Mount Pearl South 

Shannie Duff, former MHA and former mayor of St. John's

Gemma Hickey, advocate, community leader

Harvey Hodder, former speaker and MHA for Waterford Valley

Ray Hunter, MHA for Grand Falls-Windsor-Green Bay South

Clyde Jackman, minister of health and community services, MHA for Burin-Placentia West

Terry Loder, former MHA for Bay of Islands

Mark Lane, former town councillor in Holyrood

Bill Matthews, former cabinet minister

Calvin Peach, MHA for Bellevue

Tracey Perry, MHA for Fortune Bay-Cape La Hune

Tom Rideout, former premier

Keith Russell, MHA for Lake Melville

Joan Shea, former cabinet minister

Colin Vardy, mayor of Wabush

Sabrina Whyatt, musician, author

John Ottenheimer

Ed Buckingham, former MHA for St. John's East

John Carter, former MHA for St. John's North

Dan Crummell, minister of municipal and intergovernmental affairs, MHA for St. John's West 

John Dinn, MHA for Kilbride 

Ron Ellsworth, deputy mayor of St. John's

Clayton Forsey, MHA for Exploits 

Glen Greening, former MHA for Terra Nova

Harry Harding, former MHA for Bonavista North

Tom Hedderson, MHA for Harbour Main 

Charlene Johnson, finance minister, MHA for Trinity-Bay de Verde

Bill Marshall, former cabinet minister 

Nick McGrath, minister of transportation and works, MHA for Labrador West 

Kevin O'Brien, minister of advanced education and skills, MHA for Gander 

Dennis O'Keefe, mayor of St. John's

Patty Pottle, former MHA for Torngat Mountains

Bob Ridgley, former MHA for St. John's North

Paul Shelley, former MHA for Baie Verte

Shawn Skinner (co-chair), former cabinet minister

Fred Stagg, former MHA for Stephenville-Port aux Port 

​Susan Sullivan (co-chair), minister of innovation, business and rural development, MHA for Grand Falls-Windsor-Buchans

Trevor Taylor, former cabinet minister 

David Wells, Conservative Senator

Wallace Young, former MHA for St. Barbe

Other notes

Tom Marshall: the premier and MHA for Humber East, is remaining neutral in this campaign. 

Danny Williams: the former premier famously non-endorsed former leadership candidate Bill Barry, with his condemnation of Barry's suitability for the post all but sealing his political fate. Though Williams never explicitly endorsed Frank Coleman, numerous Tories (John Crosbie among them) assumed Williams was backing Coleman's campaign. This time out, Williams has promised to steer clear of the whole thing.