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Elizabeth Whitten is a freelance journalist and editor based in St. John's. When she’s not chasing her next story, she's cuddling with her dog and reading a good book.

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Amy Adams, who draws on some familiar — sometimes saucy — Newfoundland phrases for her art, doesn't make your everyday wedding invitations or greeting cards.

How one local baker went from St. John's to Le Cordon Bleu — and back

In 2014, Liz Drover's husband was offered a job in Paris. The couple's move gave her a chance to work in a bakery and attend cooking school, and now she has a business of her own.

Think ink: How landing a graphic novel helped this artist make a dream come true

Originally from Conception Bay South, Kelly Bastow moved to Toronto in late 2014 to pursue a career as an artist — and kept at it until it paid off.

This printmaker uses woodcuts to tap into Newfoundland legends

Each of Graham Blair's woodcut prints is done by hand and has its own special characteristics.

'Nans are punk': This St. John's band is so into nostalgia, its new album is on cassette

Tongue firmly in cheek, Black Market Hard-Tack describes its style as "nan-core."

The smell of Christmas: How a small company is bringing Czech artistry to gingerbread

Seated at her kitchen table in St. John's, Jindra Maskova recalls a tradition in which gingerbread dough was made when a daughter was born.

How a food allergy led to a bakery that never uses dairy or eggs

When Erin Littlejohn-Myers was growing up in the 1980s, there weren't many options for people with severe allergies.
Food & Drink

Not your nan's bakery: How a small business brings new flavours to the local table

Meet a baker who's bringing some different flavours to the St. John's marketplace.