Electricity increases explained, with 'tough love' tips to balance household budgets

Power rates puzzling? Watch this.

Credit counsellor Al Antle has this line-by-line breakdown

The bad news? Electricity rates are going up. The less-bad news? There's time to adjust your spending, says credit counsellor Al Antle. (CBC)

The looming increase in electricity bills because of Muskrat Falls is causing concern, but a credit counsellor says time is on the side of customers.

"Failure to plan will get us in trouble, I promise," says Al Antle, of Credit Counselling Services of Newfoundland and Labrador.

"We have three years' notice … So we have time to look and see what can we do as households to make sure that when this comes it doesn't devastate us."

Watch the video below for a simple breakdown of just how much monthly bills are expected to increase — and for tips on how to rearrange your household budget. 

Here and Now's Debbie Cooper talks with credit counsellor Al Antle 5:02

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