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Edward Riche writes for the page, stage and screen. He lives in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador.

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How careless: What I didn't do on my summer vacation

Two weeks with the screens largely turned off left columnist Edward Riche feeling relaxed, and more optimistic about life. Then he remembered why it's crucial to stay informed.
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How can our tourism industry flourish if you can't get here from there?

Newfoundland and Labrador is getting a lot right with tourism, but there’s a massive problem with air connections, says columnist Edward Riche.
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Rum runners: Folks, let's keep our wits about this screech-in nonsense

A recent blowup over screech-ins makes columnist Edward Riche wonder if you want a tradition, all you have to do is declare one.

Condolences for the casualties of minority rule in N.L.

What do we lose in a minority government? Perhaps a few patronage appointments, writes Edward Riche.
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After a zombie budget and the stink of Muskrat Falls, we need a new job description for premier

The first requirement: must be willing not to relocate. A new column from Edward Riche
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Over a cliff in a clown car: Rethinking Confederation, while watching the chaos of Brexit

Seventy years after Newfoundland joined Canada, Edward Riche shares his notes on how confederations come together and are ripped apart.

Paranoid? Not at all. A letter from the perfect candidate to be the new privacy czar

We've been paying to give away our privacy for years, after all. Enjoy a little satire from commentator Edward Riche.
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N.L. needs a permanent inquiry department to catch cock-ups in real time

The Muskrat Falls inquiry is going better than expected, writes Ed Riche. So why not keep the process going forever?

Just imagine if the Liberals branded legal weed in their own image

In a satirical column, writer Edward Riche speculates on what a Liberal strain of cannabis products might be called.
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Don't worry, St. John's; you may not be oldest, but you've got other stuff going on

From made-up "traditions" to tearing down old buildings, St. John's is known for some dubious things beyond its age, writes Edward Riche.

Come Via Halifax — the raucous new sequel to Come From Away

Stuck in the Halifax airport with a bunch of accordion-carrying Newfoundlanders? There's no telling what could happen!