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Edward Riche writes for the page, stage and screen. He lives in St. John's.

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If artists acted like tradespeople: A writer's thoughts on renovation season

It’s the peak season of home renovations, prompting Edward Riche to share his take on what painters, performers and other artists might say to you, if we hired them the way we hire contractors, carpenters and others.

Statue of limitations: Some thoughts about the Corte-Real monument

The statue up by Confederation Building is a figure of myth, writes Edward Riche, and not an appealing one, either.

Feasting on the COVID-19 carrion: Here's Canada's post-pandemic economic outlook

In his latest satirical column, Edward Riche joins the rush to speculate on what will happen with the economy. The future doesn't look too pretty, but at least suckers will not be born every minute.

A bit of onion in my pocket: Lorenzo Peterson's pandemic journal

Lorenzo Peterson, a high school drama teacher living in St. John's, has had a lot of trouble moving forward with his diary. Have a chuckle with a new column from Edward Riche.

If you are freaking out over the pandemic, you most certainly don't need to apologize

This is one of the biggies, an existential worry for modern humanity, writes Edward Riche.

The Hanlon Method: How this approach could solve all of our political problems

There's a golden opportunity in every closed business and widening pothole. A new bit of humour from columnist Edward Riche.
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Shut 'er down: We need to change our priorities about snow clearing

When snowfalls go over the 30-centimetre mark, St. John's needs to face reality and just shut down for a while, writes columnist Edward Riche.
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I'm a skeptic and not a believer, but my heart belongs to Christmas

Columnist Edward Riche may be tough on politicians, but he's soft on the Christmas season.

The shallow state chronicles: The curious case of Christopher Mitchelmore

In this satirical column, Edward Riche soaks in the latest fuss to overwhelm N.L. politics, and imagines if sharp objects need to be capped with safety weiners.

Forget about the 'deep state'; N.L.'s problem is something else: the shallow state

'Shallow state' believes that beneath the veneer and pretence of governance in Newfoundland and Labrador no one is controlling anything, writes Edward Riche.

The salmon diaries: Notes from a particular cabinet minister's journal

From weird calls and pink froth — to the nuisances at the Ceeb — columnist Edward Riche imagines what a provincial minister's diary entries might've said of late.
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Jackhammers, away! City maintenance may be necessary, but it's killed my hearing

The sounds of the great outdoors are not all sweetness and light, writes columnist Edward Riche, who wonders why St. John's does not enforce its own noise bylaw.
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How careless: What I didn't do on my summer vacation

Two weeks with the screens largely turned off left columnist Edward Riche feeling relaxed, and more optimistic about life. Then he remembered why it's crucial to stay informed.
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How can our tourism industry flourish if you can't get here from there?

Newfoundland and Labrador is getting a lot right with tourism, but there’s a massive problem with air connections, says columnist Edward Riche.
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Rum runners: Folks, let's keep our wits about this screech-in nonsense

A recent blowup over screech-ins makes columnist Edward Riche wonder if you want a tradition, all you have to do is declare one.