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Personal info of 4 people at Burin hospital recorded by 'unauthorized party': Eastern Health

Two Easthern Health employees and two clients had their privacy breached, said the regional health authority.

2 Eastern Health employees, 2 clients had privacy breached

Eastern Health says the four people who had their privacy breached have been notified. (CBC)

Eastern Health says the personal information of four people was recorded by an "unauthorized party" at the Burin Peninsula Health Centre.

Two Eastern Health employees and two clients had their privacy breached. Each of them has been notified, the regional health authority said.

Eastern Health has also notified the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of the breach, which is mandatory.

The breach was discovered after "reviewing a lengthy recording that was submitted to the organization by a former employee," according to a spokesperson for the health authority Thursday.

The RCMP has also been notified. 

In an email to CBC News, the spokesperson said a number of policies are in place to protect confidential information.

Employees are also made to sign an employee oath of confidentially once they are hired.

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