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Earle and Coffin juggle school by day, the blues by night

Nick Earle and Joe Coffin are living double lives, one as an acclaimed blues/folk duo, and the other as high school students in St. John's.

Have a First Listen to Earle and Coffin's second album, Wood Wire Blood & Bone

Nick Earle and Joe Coffin perform at their release party for Live at Citadel House at the Masonic Temple in St. John's on April 22, 2016. (Courtesy Christopher Deacon )

Acclaimed blues and folk musicians Nick Earle and Joe Coffin are living double lives.

The duo won a 2016 Canadian Folk Music Awards for Young Performers of the Year, they have received multiple MusicNL and ECMA nominations, and they have just released their second album, Wood Wire Blood & Bone.

Nick Earle and Joe Coffin are also full-time Grade 12 high school students

"It's like two different worlds," said Coffin.

"You have school, and homework, and exams, then there's music, and you go out and play."

"You can't really put the two together."

This summer, after they finish their public exams, Earle and Coffin are planning to go back into the studio for more recording. They are also hoping to book performances in mainland Canada, using their latest album as a calling card.

"[Our plan is to] basically just wave this album around like a flag and show it to everyone," said Earle.

Have a listen to Earle and Coffin's conversation with Weekend AM's Heather Barrett.  

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