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Drone used to help find missing dog in Conception Bay South

A month-long search for a missing Husky dog in Conception Bay South received a little help from above this week, with Philip Sullivan using an aerial drone to scan for Avalanche.

Owner Samantha Piercey still confident she'll find her four-year-old Husky

Pet search using a drone

8 years ago
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When a poster for a missing pet isn't enough... a dog owner in CBS uses a drone to search for her dog.

A month-long search for a missing dog in Conception Bay South received a little help from above this week, with Philip Sullivan using an aerial drone to scan for Avalanche.

Avalanche is a four-year-old Husky owned by Samantha Piercey. 
Philip Sullivan deployed his aerial drone over some walking trails in Conception Bay South Wednesday in search of Samantha Piercey's dog, Avalanche. The four-year-old Husky went missing a month ago.

She has spent the past several weeks placing missing pet signs all over the community.

An effort has also been initiated on Facebook, with more than 700 people following a page dedicated to the search for Avalanche.

There have been numerous sightings of the dog, so Piercey is confident she'll be reunited with her pet.

"That's what we hope for. Every time we get a sighting is that it's 100 per cent Avalanche. And one of these days it's gonna be," she said.

When Sullivan learned about the search, he decided to help out.

He deployed his drone on Wednesday to an area off Fowler's Road, and the trails by the Manuel's River Interpretation Centre, with its camera scanning for any sign of Avalanche.

Samantha Piercey of Conception Bay South has been searching for Avalanche, her missing four-year-old Husky, for about a month. The search was enhanced this week when an aerial drone was deployed over walking trails in the community.

But it hasn't been without its challenges.

"The worst thing to look out for is cellphone towers, radio towers, TV towers and large satellite dishes," he said.

In the meantime, friends are raising money to offer a reward for anyone who finds Avalanche.

Piercey says it's possible that someone may have taken in her dog, not knowing that a search is ongoing.

With files from Julie Skinner


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