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Drawn to a career in illustration: Mike Feehan feels he was 'made to do this'

In our third instalment of Drawn To It, meet local artist Mike Feehan, who works as a full-time illustrator and has been published by DC Comics.

Meet a local artist working as a full-time illustrator in our third episode of Drawn To It

Meet an N.L. artist working full-time as an illustrator

2 years ago
Mike Feehan is living out his childhood dream - his art was published by DC Comics. 2:48

Although he's been drawing since he was a child, Mike Feehan's career path wasn't always an obvious choice.

Feehan spent years working in the graphic design and print industry before setting his sights on his childhood dream.

"I finally realized I wasn't totally happy doing that and I wanted to work in illustration and hopefully in comics," said Feehan. "I didn't think it was possible."

It took dedication, but after seven years of attending comic book conventions with his portfolio and meeting with editors and publishers, Feehan's persistence and hard work paid off: he was hired by DC Comics to illustrate Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles. 

Seeing his work on the stands, his name next to the DC logo, was a dream come true.

These days, Feehan is kept busy with freelance work — everything from illustrations to storyboards for commercials, to 2D animations, along with his own personal projects.

Working primarily digitally, Feehan has the flexibility to work from anywhere. His usual setup is a comfortable recliner in his living room in Paradise with his dog Buffy and his cat Ghost keeping him company.

When it comes to his art, there's a drive that doesn't go away.

"Somewhere in me I was made to do this," he said. "Every time I do something, I'm trying to level up, I'm trying to get better."

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Videographer and editor: Mike Simms