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This Labrador artist creates breathtakingly realistic paintings inspired by his hometown

Meet Inuk artist Bronson Jacque in our fifth episode of Drawn To It.

Meet Inuk artist Bronson Jacque in our fifth episode of Drawn To It

This artist from Labrador creates realistic oil paintings

3 years ago
Duration 2:32
Bronson Jacque's art is often inspired by the beauty of his hometown of Postville.

Bronson Jacque's hometown of Postville, Labrador, is a constant source of inspiration for the young artist.

"Something that I love to do with my art is showing people a part of where I come from, because there's so much up there that a lot of people never get to see," said Jacque.

Jacque mainly focuses on oil paintings but he also creates drawings, carvings, and sculpture. 

"I got into art at a young age. Probably around 10 years old I really started drawing and that was mostly because a lot of family make art," he said.

"My pop carves, my uncle carves and draws, my nans — they make clothing, and so I was always encouraged to create stuff for myself."

In addition to stunning landscapes and wildlife, Jacque is also a talented portrait artist. He recently completed a beautiful portrait of his late nan, Sadie, as a surprise for his mother. 

Jacque moved to Halifax at the end of March where he will start his studies for his bachelor of fine arts at NSCAD this fall.

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Videographer and editor: Mike Simms