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Doctor Androbox the drag king draws crowd of loyal subjects at St. John's bookstore

The event was organized by Raise Up Fundraising, and there's another one planned for May.

Drag Storytime was a huge hit for about 40 kids at Chapters

Doctor Androbox is a drag king in St. John's. (Sarah Smellie/CBC)

A drag king held court for a gaggle of tiny, loyal subjects at Chapters in St. John's on Sunday afternoon.

Doctor Androbox the drag king, a character created by Taylor Stocks, read three children's stories to about 40 kids as part of Raise Up Fundraising's Drag Storytime event.

The event brought tears to the eyes of parent Claudette Foran, and not just because male penguins Roy and Silo manage to finally hatch a daughter in And Tango Makes Three.

Claudette Foran's daughter, Noah, is transgender. (Sarah Smellie/CBC)

Foran's 10-year-old daughter, Noah, is transgender.

"I didn't know it would be so emotional," Foran said, laughing as she wiped away her tears.

"I think [this event is] great, I think we need more of them."

Androbox agrees.

"We're reading stories about trans kids and about gay parents and I think that having those books read in a public space is a really important piece of education that needs to happen in the city," he said, adding that kids also get to see an older person wearing fun costumes playing with gender norms.

Doctor Androbox read children's stories about LGTBQ issues. (Sarah Smellie/CBC)

The event will support programs run by the Parents of Gender Creative Kids group — a group that has supported Foran's daughter.

"She only really transitioned fully over the summer last year but she's doing wonderful and she's happy," Foran said.

There has been a lot of support from the community, said Foran, and the experience for her daughter and her family so far "has been wonderful."

Doctor Androbox the drag king read to a crowd of about 40 kids Sunday afternoon. (Sarah Smellie/CBC)

Sunday's event was the second Drag Storytime and Charles Murphy, who volunteers with Raise Up Fundraising, said there were at least twice as many people there as for the first one.

Chapters staff had to bring out a second table for the crown-making workshop after the stories.

There were a lot of rhinestones, glitter and children for the crown making workshop after the storytime. (Sarah Smellie/CBC)

"There's a lot of rhinestones, a lot of glitter — pretty much everything you need to live your best drag life," said Androbox as the kids gathered around to make their crowns.

Androbox will join drag queen Irma Gerd for another Drag Storytime event in May.