Water woes: Seniors in Dover dealing with flooded basement since Saturday

A couple in Dover is dealing with flooding from melted snow and water clogged ditches.

Don Shano says he has 3 pumps going to try and get water out of the house

The water outside the Shano home is only part of the problem. The couple has about 10 inches of water is in the basement. (Karen Shano )

An elderly couple in Dover, on the northeast coast of Newfoundland, has been dealing with almost a foot of water in the basement of the family home since Saturday.

Snow is melting and water is clogging up ditches in the town, said Don Shano, 78. He estimated there were about 10 inches of water in his 36 by 26-foot basement.

"It's pretty bad," he said. "Everything's floating around down there. It's some mess."

Shano said the flooding started Saturday night. He and his wife have three pumps going to try and get rid of the water in the home where they have lived for 35 years.

Several homes in Dover have water buildup outside but the Shanos say their basement is the only one flooded. (Karen Shano) (Karen Shano)

Their situation is worse than others on the street who are also dealing with water, he said.

"Some people have it in their garden, but they haven't got it in the basement like I have here."

Shano said they've had to wear knee-high rubber boots to do laundry. While the washer has been OK, they've had trouble with the dryer.

A freezer and their furnace are also down in the basement, surrounded by water.

Don Shano is using three pumps to get rid of the water, which he says has been a problem since Saturday. (Karen Shano)

No help from province, town

"The Department of Highways came through here, but they didn't do anything for us. We thought they might, but they didn't," said Irene Shano, who is 79.

"So right now, I'm wondering about the town council."

Don Shano said someone from the town came by to take pictures, but he doesn't think it's enough. 

"It's pretty tough, and you're paying your councillors about $975 a year for the property tax, the water and sewage and the garbage collection and you don't get much out of it," he said.

"They don't do much, just take a few pictures. That's all they mostly ever do. They don't do very much."

Melting snow is creating a lot of water in Dover, N.L. (Karen Shano)

With files from Chris Ensing