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Don't know much geography? Try our quiz

A CBC News report has inspired Canada's geographers to raise the profile of 'geoliteracy' in the country's schools. Put your knowledge to the test.

A CBC News report last winter that detailed how many university students could not accurately answer basic geography questions has inspired some academics to deal with the problem at a meeting in St. John's.

The report showed how some Memorial University students in St. John's could not identify Europe on a map, and some did not even know the name of the ocean that surrounds them.

The report was based on Memorial professor Judith Adler, who says her students consistently have trouble with basic geography.

"After this initial disclosure, other Canadian university professors have come forward, divulging that Memorial University isn't the only institution with geo-illiterate students," said a statement from the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, which is meeting this weekend with members of the Canadian Association of Geographers.

The group plans to chart a plan of action to "raise the profile of geography and to underline the importance of geoliteracy."

To that end, we put together the following quiz. Test your own knowledge on questions that run from local to global.