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Lawyer wants Alberta team to examine RCMP 'bias, tunnel vision'

The lawyer representing Don Dunphy's daughter says her client is relieved the RCMP's investigation into the shooting death of her father will be independently reviewed.

Daughter of Don Dunphy 'really happy' about ASIRT review, lawyer says

Erin Breen, the lawyer representing Don Dunphy's family, says news that an Alberta police team will be reviewing the RCMP's investigation is 'the most positive thing' to date. (CBC)

The lawyer representing Don Dunphy's daughter says her client is relieved the RCMP's investigation into the Easter Sunday shooting death of her father in his rural Newfoundland home will be independently reviewed.

"I spoke with Meghan Dunphy as soon as we heard the news and she is very happy," lawyer Erin Breen said Monday in St. John's.

"This is something we've been calling for since the beginning of this matter and we think it makes perfect sense and we're really happy."

Dunphy was shot to death in his Mitchells Brook home last April by a Royal Newfoundland Constabulary officer working as a member of the security team of then premier Paul Davis.  

On Friday, the RCMP said it had completed its final report on the investigation into Dunphy's death.

According to RCMP, arrangements are being made to have an external investigation service complete an independent review of the file. 

Don Dunphy, seen speaking with CBC News during a 2011 interview, was shot to death in his home on April 5. (CBC)

Breen said the family was initially told that RCMP would conduct a criminal investigation, but they have additional questions that "fall outside the scope of a criminal investigation."

"Certainly the most positive thing for us that has occurred to date is the announcement that the Alberta [Serious Incident Response Team] will come in to review this matter," she said. 

Breen said questions surrounding how the premier's security team operates, how it operated on the day Dunphy was killed, and what led police to Dunphy's home all fall outside the realm of a criminal investigation. 

Back in December, the RNC officer who fired the shot that killed Don Dunphy revealed his identity and issued a statement welcoming an inquiry. (CBC)

Breen told reporters she hasn't spoken with Justice and Public Safety Minister Andrew Parsons about the terms of the ASIRT review, but shares the same concerns he expressed in a letter to his Alberta counterpart. 

"As you know, we've spoken out about what we've seen. Concrete examples, I believe. Red flags as to the objectivity of the investigation and tunnel vision."

Breen said she doesn't have enough information to speculate on whether criminal charges will be laid. 

The details of the report won't be made public until ASIRT reviews the case. 

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