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Pandemic style guide: You were brave enough to share your home haircuts

The salons and barbershops are closed, but hair just keeps growing. People everywhere are grabbing scissors, razors and even bowls, and taking matters into their own hands. These are the results.

We asked to see your DIY trims, fades, mohawks and buzzcuts. People grabbed the scissors and delivered

No salon? No barber? No problem? Well...maybe a little problem. (CBC)

It's been a hairy couple of months.

Even though many things in the world have come to screeching halt, hair just keeps growing. With salons and barbershops shut down, some people are taking matters into their own hands.

The hashtag #HaircutAtHome has been a hot topic on social media since the pandemic began. We brought you tips from a pro stylist on how to chop your own mop, with advice for both men and women.

But we also asked anyone grabbing the scissors to also grab the camera, and send us some before-and-after pics. 

Now let's whip off that cape, hold up the mirror and take a look at the results. 

Adam Brake

Allison Crowe did a very nice haircut for Adam Brake. (Submitted by Allison Crowe)

Seriously Adam, are you isolating with a hair dresser? This haircut could be on the cover of one of those magazines people read while waiting to get their haircut!

Alexandra Chrappa

(Submitted by Alexandra Chrappa)

Alexandra Chrappa says her normal hairstyle requires regular trims. And since that isn't an option right now …

Brian Moss

(Submitted by Brian Moss)

Brian is another strong contender for "best haircut," not to mention for "most hair cut."

Hailey Hutchison

(Submitted by Katherine Hutchison)

Hailey Hutchison had been planning to chop off her long hair after high school graduation. Sadly it seems that grad will have to wait, but the haircut doesn't have to!

Robert Loder

(Submitted by Robert Loder)

Robert Loder has the first of two mohawk submissions. Extra points for extra spikes.

Anthony Gauci

(Submitted by Anna Gauci)

There may have been another photo submission where Anthony Gauci shaved off this mohawk into a regular buzzcut. But since that photo seems to have been misplaced...we'll just leave this as is.

Olivia Power

(Submitted by Glenda Power)

Olivia Power went from shaggy to braggy with this cut, courtesy of mom Glenda Power.

Marjory Gray

Marjory Gray and daughter Laura Hall. (Submitted by Marjory Gray)

Marjory Gray wins the award for bravery, for letting her little girl wield the scissors. 

Todd Snow

(Submitted by Wendy Snow)

Todd Snow is another brave parent who let their kid do the clipping. Can't fault the results!

Chase Ryan

(Submitted by Tara Ryan)

Chase Ryan got this stylin' look courtesy of his dad's beard trimmer and his mom's steady hands.

Zachary Hall

(Submitted by Zachary Hall)

Zachary Hall lost two inches off his height, but gained 10 style points with this haircut.

Kelly Prince

(Submitted by Kelly Prince)

Kelly Prince may be the queen of the DIY haircut, buzzing off her curly locks and taking a selfie at the same time!

Susan Jeddore

(Submitted by Susan Jeddore)

We adore Susan Jeddore's buzzcut!

Pauline Quinlan

(Submitted by Pauline Quinlan)

We'll wrap it up with another cut we can hardly believe didn't happen in trendy salon. Pauline Quinlan, are you taking appointments for after the pandemic is over?

Huge thanks to everyone who shared their sheared heads! Apologies if we couldn't squeeze in your pic. You all look fab, for real.

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Zach Goudie is a journalist and video producer with CBC in St. John's, NL.