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Dialects, Cape Spear sunrise celebrated in new tourism ads

Commercials about dialects and the sunrise at Cape Spear are the latest subjects in the province's award-winning tourism campaign.

New tourism ads

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8 years ago
N.L. Tourism Minister Terry French introduces new Newfoundland and Labrador tourism ads 14:56

Commercials touting the scores of dialects in Newfoundland and Labrador and the stunning sunrise at Cape Spear are the latest subjects in the province's award-winning tourism campaign.

The Find Yourself campaign was launched in 2006, with a series of colour-drenched, comfortably-paced commercials that have won international acclaim and — probably more significantly — the interest of travellers who have helped the tourism industry grow substantially since.

The two newest commercials in the series were unveiled Monday at The Rooms cultural complex in St. John's, and will air in various markets in the months to come.

"Our Find Yourself campaign has become one of the most recognizable advertising campaigns in the country, winning more than 170 regional, national and international awards since 2006," Tourism Minister Terry French said before screening the spots.

One of the commercials is called Conversation, which features various scenes of people chatting.

"If you listen carefully, you'll find hundreds of long-lost dialects. More dialects than any other place on the planet," the commercial says.

"So don't be surprised if you find yourself lost in conversation  — or a bit of tomfoolery."

The second commercial shows a visiting couple heading to Cape Spear, the national historic site that is a popular draw as the most easterly point in North America, to watch the sun come up.

 "It's hard to believe most people wake up to alarm clock," that commercial's narrator says.

The Find Yourself campaign has proved its worth in dollar terms. French said out-of-province visits have climbed about three per cent each year since 2006, with spending from those tourists increasing about five per cent per year.

The new commercials bring to 16 the number of spots that have rolled out in the campaign. The campaign is also releasing new creatives that will appear in print, broadcast, online and social media.