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Paul Davis and Dwight Ball spar over accusations of deception

Davis and Ball fired shots at one another through the debate and social media on Tuesday regarding claims of deceit.
Paul Davis and Dwight Ball are challenging each other over their campaign promises. (CBC)

Paul Davis is continuing to fire shots at Liberal Leader Dwight Ball, with Ball firing back in kind. 

Davis has said that the Liberals plan would prove costly for Newfoundland and Labrador, and has criticized the Liberals' fiscal plan as unrealistic. 

"They're telling people what they want to hear. They've giving answers that Newfoundlanders and Labradorians want to feel good about," Davis said earlier this week. 

"There's no way they can make this plan work, there's no way it can happen."

During Monday night's leaders' debate, Davis warned the Liberals would have to sell off major Crown corporations like the Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation or Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro to pay for its promises.

The PC leader spread further accusations on Twitter on Tuesday, claiming the Liberals are lying to get elected.

'It's fearmongering'

Ball refuted Davis's claims Tuesday during a campaign stop on the Port au Port Peninsula and accused Davis of deceiving the public. 

"It's deliberately misleading information based on the premier," Ball said. "There [are] no for sale signs on anything in this province." 

The Liberal campaign platform does include selling $50 million a year in provincial assets, although Ball said these assets will include empty or unused buildings or Crown land.

He claimed Davis is trying to incite fear in voters. 

"Mr. Davis right now in his questioning and the statements that he was making are inappropriate, they're wrong, they're misleading, and they're fearmongering," he said.

Paul Davis (left) and Dwight Ball, with Earle McCurdy (right) prior to the start of the CBC leaders' debate in St. John's Monday night. (Terry Roberts/CBC)

Ball will take part in a debate on Wednesday night, facing off against the other candidates in his district of Humber-Gros Morne.


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