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David Picco came back from away and can't stop writing songs

Musician David Picco decided to return to St. John's and step away from being a full-time musician. Instead, he found himself writing more songs than ever.

Have a First Listen to Out of the Past by David Picco

David Picco's fifth full-length album is called Out of the Past.

After 13 years of living in Toronto, singer/songwriter David Picco decided in 2015 to come home to St. John's out of it, and try some non-music-related work.  

Then a funny thing happened.

Picco found he couldn't stop writing songs.

"It's probably the most I've written in 10 years," said Picco.

5th full-length album

The result of his recent four-year burst of creativity is his fifth full-length album, called Out of the Past, a collection of rootsy rock and roll tunes.  

Picco's life has changed since he returned to St. John's four years ago.

He has gotten married, taken some work outside the music industry, and found that he wasn't trying to force himself to think about music.  

Which made him think more about music.

"When I walk my dogs, sometimes I'll come up with a line or a chorus," said Picco.

"It's pretty exciting, coming up with songs all the time."

Small market, big advantages

He said a bonus to returning to St. John's was discovering the range of small grants and funding opportunities available to artists, which he was able to access to help with the album's production.

The first single from Out of the Past, a track called I Can't Lose You, is getting some airplay and positive reviews across Canada.

Now that the songs are flowing, said Picco, the next step is to step up his gigs.  

"You can't rest on your laurels. You have to get out and play."

Now settled back into life in St. John's, David Picco is back with a rootsy, rocking new album, Out of the Past. 15:15

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