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Rainy near-miss latest dashcam video showing dangerous driving

Several dashcam videos showing dangerous driving on N.L. roads have been posted online in recent weeks, with the latest taken during heavy rains.

Driver of spinning car 'only doing 110' km/hr

An image from dashcam footage shows a near-miss on the Outer Ring Road during rainy weather. (Kayla Squires/Facebook)

Another dashcam video highlights dangerous driving in the province — this time during rainy weather.

In a video posted to Facebook on Sunday, a car on the Outer Ring Road in St. John's fishtailed then spun into the other lane and ended up stopped, facing in the wrong direction, narrowly avoiding a collision.

"The road conditions were very wet," said driver Kayla Squires, who was heading eastbound on the Outer Ring Road at about 5 p.m. She was about to take the second exit to Portugal Cove Road, when her dashcam recorded the incident.

"There was a lot of standing water in those nice deep ruts that we have on our highway, unfortunately. Definitely not ideal."

The road conditions meant she was keeping her speed to about 70 or 80 km/h, Squires said, and not passing. The posted speed limit on the road is 100 km/h.

A female driver in another vehicle passed her, she said, and then stayed in the left lane for five to ten seconds before she tried to move into the right lane -- which is when it appears she lost control of the vehicle.

Squires managed to stop her car in time to avoid a collision and the other driver got back into the left lane, though facing the wrong direction. As Squires passed her car she slowed down to speak to the other driver, saying "You need to slow down, sweetheart."

Close call on Outer Ring Road

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Car spinning on wet Outer Ring Road 0:21

"I was only doing 110 [km/h]," the driver of the other vehicle responded — which upset Squires.

"I felt kind of upset because recklessness like that can cause me to lose my life, another person to lose their life, or even this person to lose hers," she said.

"I think she must have been going about 120 [km/h] which, again, there was just no need of that amount of speed, especially to pass me going 80 [km/h] yesterday."

Close call

The Sunday incident was the closest call Squires has had, but not the only time she's seen dangerous driving on local roads or come close to an accident.

"Driving in St. John's, you definitely need to drive defensively," she said.

"Like my mom always told me, you almost need eyes in the back of your head driving here."

Squires has seen other videos of dangerous driving posted in the DashcamNL Facebook group, and hopes sharing her own will educate people about the risks.

"I had suggestions that I should upload it for awareness, so that's exactly what I did," she said.

She hasn't contacted the police about the incident, and doesn't plan to.

"It's not my intent to maybe get her in trouble. I think she knows what she did, was extremely irresponsible, and could have risked my life and her life," Squires said.

"By the way that I remember her face looking yesterday, I do think that she has probably learned her lesson."

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