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Cuts to healthcare will focus on management

The CEO of Eastern Health says they will have to find a $7-million cut in the organization's workings after recent provincial budget cuts.

Government, health authority want to avoid cuts to front-line workers

Vickie Kaminski interview

9 years ago
Duration 4:50
Eastern Health CEO Vickie Kaminski talks with Here's and New's Debbie Cooper

The CEO of the province's largest health authority says they have to find a $7-million cut in the organization’s workings after recent budget cuts.

Vickie Kaminski said both Eastern Health and the provincial government want to avoid cuts to front-line workers, and the axe will likely fall on management positions.

"[Government] recognize the need for front-line service, and maintaining front-line service, and so [they're] very, very reluctant to cut into that and make access more difficult or make services harder to be available to people," she said.

The authority is already in the midst of a two-year review to save $43 million. She said they already found $20 million last year, but the added $7 million cut from the budget announcement will make finding savings harder.

"When we received out budget letter, we were $30 million short from what we had received last year. $23 million of that we had accounted for through our efficiency work," Kaminski said.

"That left us $7 million to accommodate, and if we look at that in terms of management positions, it equates to somewhere between 65 and 75 management jobs."

Kaminski said a method they will use to avoid cutting too many jobs will be the determination of whether or not they can operate without filling currently vacant positions.

Government said approximately 200 jobs will be cut from health boards across the province by next year.


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