Nfld. & Labrador

Crew safe after water bomber incident

Western Labrador is down to two water bombers following a scary incident this afternoon.

Aircraft lost power while scooping water to fight forest fires

Western Labrador is down to two water bombers following a scary incident Wednesday afternoon.

A tanker with two crew on board was fighting forest fires in the area when it encountered mechanical problems on Moosehead Lake, near Wabush, around 3:30 local time.

It's believed the Bombardier 415 aircraft lost power shortly after scooping up water on the lake.

The pilot and co-pilot managed to turn the aircraft around and land safely on the water.

They got out and stood on the wings of the plane until they were rescued.

The crew are OK, but were taken to hospital to be checked out as a precaution.

Transport Canada and the Transportation Safety Board, as well as the provincial Department of Transportation and Works are looking into what happened

Meanwhile, the province had four water bombers fighting fires in Labrador.

But one of them has been undergoing maintenance since last Thursday, leaving officials with only two, for the time being.