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Doorcam captures audio of 5 apparent gunshots from Craigmillar Avenue

Five loud cracks cut through the early morning on Sunday near Craigmillar Avenue. The noises that awoke neighbours was captured on a security camera.

Officers found a man dead in the middle of Craigmillar Avenue early Sunday morning

Security camera captures loud bangs from Craigmillar Avenue

1 year ago
A nearby resident captured what sounds like five gunshots on a home security system around 4 a.m. on Sunday. 0:22

The early morning sounds of birds chirping was cut off by five cracks of apparent gunfire Sunday morning in the area of Craigmillar Avenue in St. John's, where a man's body was found minutes later.

The noises were captured by a home security camera on Old Topsail Road, which runs parallel to Craigmillar.

The first two shots were recorded at 4:09:05 a.m.

Five seconds passed by, then another two shots. Three seconds later, the fifth and final shot.

Police say they arrived on scene within minutes and found the man dead in the street. They are now investigating what they called "unknown trouble," and how the man ended up dead on the pavement.

On Monday morning, the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary said investigators "do not believe this to be a random act."

One Royal Newfoundland Constabulary vehicle remained on Craigmillar Avenue on Monday morning, the site of what police called a suspicious death in the early hours of Sunday. (Matt McCann/CBC)

People living in the area told CBC News they heard yelling before gunfire erupted on what is normally a quiet street in the west end of St. John's.

Const. James Cadigan, the RNC media relations officer, said police are working with the medical examiner to confirm the cause of death, which is considered suspicious. 

Police tape is left behind from a suspected crime scene on Craigmillar Avenue. (Matt McCann/CBC)

About an hour after arriving at the scene the RNC tweeted that people living on Craigmillar Avenue should "shelter in place."

Police had the road closed for most of the day, and there was a heavy police presence, including about a dozen armed tactical officers and a police dog unit. 

There was a heavy police presence, including about a dozen armed tactical officers and a police dog unit, on Craigmillar Ave in St. John’s on Sunday. (Paul Daly for CBC)

Officers focused attention on a red SUV parked in the street with a driver's side door left open.

There's no word on whether police have a suspect yet, and police are looking for the public's help in the investigation. 

Police are asking anyone with information and closed-circuit or dashcam video to come forward.

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