Festival celebrating craft beer coming to St. John's

The first dedicated craft beer festival in Newfoundland and Labrador, St. John's BrewFest, will be taking place June 17 and 18, with more than 50 different beers.
More than 50 types of beer will be available at the St. John's BrewFest, including three from Newfoundland. (CK Golf Solutions/Flickr)

Beer lovers rejoice! A new festival celebrating craft beer will be taking place in St. John's this June.

St. John's BrewFest will be the first dedicated craft beer festival in the province, with guided tastings, food, and live entertainment during three separate shows on June 17 and 18.

The BrewFest will be run by local event promotion company NL Promotions, as well as the Newfoundland and Labrador Artisanal Craft Beer Club. 

"The St. John's BrewFest will bring incredible craft and artisanal beer from many different breweries around the world, to allow our guests to experience those special aromas and flavours," organizer Tom Beckett said in a statement.

The festival will offer more than 50 different beers from four countries, including three craft beers from Newfoundland.

Organizers said that the festival will "make life brewtiful."

Tickets go on sale online on March 21.