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Cow on the lam: Have you seen this black Angus in Conception Bay South?

She might be 1,100 pounds, but she can jump like a jackrabbit.

Owner urges people not to approach it, after heifer injured bystander

Coco the cow escaped from her home in Conception Bay South last Thursday. (Kelly Scott/Facebook)

She might be 1,100 pounds, but Coco the cow has major hops.

Farmer Barry Scott says his gigantic black Angus escaped his property in Conception Bay South last Thursday when she sprinted away from the barn and hopped a fence in one clean leap.

The cow has spent the last five days on the run, evading capture at every turn.

"Over the fence like a jackrabbit," Scott told CBC's On the Go. "She jumped over the fence, never touched the rail ... an 1,100-pound jackrabbit."

Scott said he's handled animals his entire life, but has no idea why Coco would run off.

She was spotted on Robert's Road and later on Andrew's Road in the Upper Gullies area of C.B.S.

He tracked her down on Saturday, when a man cornered the cow on his property. Coco was having none of it, however, and charged him.

"She took to go and he was sort of in the way, he never got out of the way in time. She struck him and cut his face."

As a result, Scott is urging people not to approach the cow if they come across her. Instead, he wants people to call him and let him know where she is.

"If anyone sees her, just let us know. Don't go handy to her, don't go trying to do anything with her."

It won't be a happy reunion once he finds the cow, however. Scott says he has no choice but to "put her down" after she escaped his property and injured someone.

"I can't trust her now," he said. "If she gets out again, you don't know what she's going to do. You can't trust her. I'm going to make away with her."

Regardless of the outcome, Scott will always have an appreciation for the animal, after seeing her daring escape in one deft leap.

"Over the fence and gone."

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