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Look twice at that bill — police warn of counterfeit cash across Newfoundland

There have been multiple tips about fake $100 bills.

Police departments say complaints about fake bills spiked this week

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Police departments across Newfoundland are warning residents to keep an eye on their wallets after a rash of counterfeit bill complaints this week.

Both Canadian and U.S. currencies are being copied and passed off as authentic cash, according to the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary's economic crime unit.

Suspects are reportedly using the counterfeit bills at local businesses to buy products and make change, the RNC said.

Const. James Cadigan told CBC News the unit is investigating a number of tips received in the past day.

"This is something that we felt was necessary to get out into the public, to definitely notify the businesses so they can protect themselves from being harmed by these counterfeit bills," Cadigan said.

"If you feel it looks a bit off, then certainly take the time to double check."

Signs of a fake

Counterfeits may have non-French or English languages printed on the bills or contain other alterations, Cadigan said.

Whitbourne RCMP is also looking into one case of a fake $100 bill, which police say was used at a local business.

Grand Falls-Windsor police seized counterfeit $100 bills from three businesses after receiving separate reports Monday.

At least a dozen incidents are under investigation in total.

Police are asking the public to report any suspicious bills.

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