Lake family asks people to look for Cortney's items during May 24th weekend

Keep an eye out as you travel around the Avalon Peninsula, relatives of the missing 24-year-old request.

Keep an eye out if you're out and about, relatives of the missing 24-year-old ask

CCTV footage of Cortney Lake on the evening of June 7, 2017 on the left, while on the right she wears the clothes she was in when she was last seen. (Submitted)

Cortney Lake's family is asking the public to keep an eye out for her personal effects as they enjoy the outdoors during the upcoming long weekend.

"The anguish for our family is ongoing as we live with the reality that Cortney's remains have not yet been found. She deserves to be brought to her final resting place," the missing 24-year-old woman's mother, Lisa Lake, said in a media release issued Thursday.

"I ask that everyone who ventures into wooded areas on the Avalon Peninsula keep an eye out for Cortney's personal items and anything that might be linked to her murder."

Dozens of searches have been held for Lake's remains and for the items she was wearing when she was last seen. They include:

  • A grey Helly Hansen jacket with bright pink trim. 
  • Black yoga pants.
  • A multi-coloured plaid shirt.
  • Dark grey Nike sneakers with bright pink laces.
  • Glasses
  • A Guess purse
  • A matching Guess wallet

Searches to begin again soon

Cortney Lake was last seen on June 7, 2017 just before 8 p.m., walking away from her Wellington Street home in Mount Pearl. Later that month her disappearance was classified as a homicide by the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary. Her body has not been found.

The only suspect in the investigation is her former boyfriend Philip Smith, who killed himself in November 2017.

The family of Cortney Lake is asking people to put up posters of the missing woman as they travel around the Avalon Peninsula during the May 24th long weekend. (Submitted by Lake family)

The family is also asking that long weekend travellers bring a poster showing Cortney and what she was wearing when she disappeared, in order to post it in various location. The poster can be found in the files section of the Facebook group Help Us Find Cortney.

"We encourage everyone to print the poster showing Cortney's belongings in multiple copies and post it in gas stations, convenience stores and on trails," her aunt, Donna Walsh, said in the release.

"If you see anything related to Cortney's murder, step back and call the police right away."

The most recent search related to Lake was held in December 2017, but the family plans to resume their searching soon, now that the snow is gone.

New searchers who volunteer will be placed with those who are more experienced, the release said, and news about upcoming searches will be posted to the Facebook group.