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Corner Brook champs at chowing down on Chicken McNuggets

Fast food chain says Corner Brook's Chicken McNugget consumption tops other locations that it measured in Canada.
Corner Brook, N.L., is the Chicken McNuggets capital of Canada, according to McDonald's. (McDonald's/Twitter)

Corner Brook's Chicken McNugget consumption is second to no other place in Canada, according to McDonald's.

McDonald's Canada tallied average sales of its major menu items for a year in cities and towns across the country, then divided the figures by the number of restaurants in a given place to find the country's "menu capitals." Corner Brook, it seems, loves its McNuggets.

"I always knew we sold a lot of chicken nuggets, and I guess it's actually a fact now," Jane Cleveland, director of operations of the Corner Brook McDonald's told CBC. "I was shocked. There's a lot of places in Canada that I'm sure people like chicken nuggets as well, and of all places in Canada, for Corner Brook to be No. 1 is just kind of funny, really."

She said she's made aware every day just how many people love the bite-sized bits of breaded chicken.

"I got a card once for my brithday that said, 'Thank god for you and the guy that invented chicken nuggets,' and it's never been so true until today," she said, laughing.

Cleveland said she couldn't even guess — and McDonald's isn't saying — just how many McNuggets were sold over the past year. "It would probably be a very huge figure," she said. "There's nine chances out of 10, there's usually nuggets on every order."

But even Corner Brook's McNugget McMastery isn't enough to earn it complete respect from McDonald's; in promotional material from the company noting the feat, the initial picture used was of St. John's. The company later sent an updated photo with Corner Brook in the background.

With files from Gary Moore.