Corner Brook gymnastics club does backflips over new home

The children's gymnastics club, based in Corner Brook, had been meeting at a run down old facility.
High ceilings are one of the main things the Saltos Gymnasts love about their new training facility at the Pepsi Centre in Corner Brook. (CBC)

After a four year search, the Saltos Gymnasts have found a new place to practice.

The children's gymnastics club, based in Corner Brook, had been meeting at a run down old facility.

The club president says their former location was not preparing athletes well for regional competitions.

"It was quite cramped. It was very old. The ceiling was low," says club president Denise May.

She says the gymnasts would arrive at competitions and feel unprepared to compete on structures that were much higher than the ones they were used to from own facility.

This won't be a problem anymore. A few weeks ago, the club struck a deal with the city and moved into the Pepsi Centre in Corner Brook.

They are thrilled with where they have ended up.

"It's an open space. It's nice high ceilings. It's clean and for us it feels like a real training facility," says May.

She says it breathes new life into their club because it has all the right equipment, room for parents to watch, and can host three classes at once.

However, the gymnasts cannot get too comfortable yet.

Right now the city has allowed the club to practice there only on a temporary basis. It has not made long term plans.

The club members will find out this summer if they can stay there permanently.