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Soup for you! Corner Brook store donating bowls of soup

A Corner Brook store is donating bowls of soup to people who could really use one in the face of widespread layoffs and a shuttered city during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Owner says COVID-19 pandemic has led to increased need for people

Greg Price is the owner of Mr. Wilson’s Convenience and Takeout in Corner Brook, and he's started giving away free soup to help his community. (Submitted by Greg Price)

A Corner Brook store is doing its part to help those in need, one bowl of soup at a time.

Mr. Wilson's Convenience and Take-out on Humber Road is giving away bowls of soup to anyone looking for some, no questions asked. Plus, the store will deliver to those who are unable to pick it up themselves.

"I think now, in this time, anybody who has a little bit extra and thinks that they can help somebody out, especially people who are continuing to work you can't spend your money on other stuff now so we can all do something to help each other out," said owner Greg Price. 

Mr. Wilson’s pots of soup usually fill more than 100 bowls at a time, Price says. (Submitted by Greg Price)

Price also owns a vending business that takes him throughout the city every day, supplying and servicing the machines. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has meant a lot less activity with the vending machines, he's found himself with some extra time. 

And he knew he wanted to use it to help others. In the past, Price has helped his parents-in-law with making soup for those in need, so e figured it was the natural choice.

This pot of turkey soup is the latest batch from Mr. Wilson’s that it will give away free to anyone with the need in Corner Brook. (Submitted by Greg Price)

His first batch saw the delivery of 57 bowls throughout the city and about the same amount picked up at the store.

"There are a lot of people who have called and had many heartfelt thanks and stuff like that," he said. "You can tell that, basically, it was helping them out so that was our goal.

"Hopefully it continues to reach those people and hopefully we get something to even grow a little bit, to reach some people who are not necessarily aware of it right now because they don't have the means to get that information," said Price.

Mr. Wilson’s Convenience and Takeout is located on Humber Road in Corner Brook. (Troy Turner/CBC)

Price said he will keep making soup to offer as long as he is able, and there is a need. 

Inside the store, Mr. Wilson's is taking extra safety precautions, such as taping out areas for customers to shop to maximize safe physical distance between one another. It's also installing glass barriers at the cash register. Mr. Wilson's has decided to not take empty beer bottles for now as well. 

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Troy Turner


Troy Turner is a veteran journalist who has worked throughout Newfoundland and Labrador in both print and broadcast. Based in Corner Brook, he is a reporter with CBC Newfoundland Morning.


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