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Corner Brook fire department can't respond to calls outside city until vehicle is replaced

The Corner Brook Fire Department’s backup fire pumper has been taken out of service, meaning it can’t respond to emergencies outside city boundaries.
Mayor Charles Pender said the City of Corner Brook is asking the provincial government to help speed up the 18-month wait time for a new fire pumper. (Jeremy Eaton/CBC)

The Corner Brook Fire Department's backup fire pumper has been taken out of service, meaning it can't respond to emergencies outside city boundaries.

Several communities surrounding Corner Brook rely on its fire department for emergency services.

However, Corner Brook mayor Charles Pender said that until the pumper is replaced, they will not respond to those calls.

"We are taking this measure to ensure the protection of our residents and the infrastructure within our boundaries," he said in a statement.

The backup pumper has served the department since 1988. Because of its age, the city said it has become impossible to find replacement parts, and maintaining it has become increasingly expensive.

Council has been advised that the pumper must be replaced.

Pender said it usually takes upwards of 18 months to replace a pumper, but he's calling on the provincial government to help speed up the process.

He said the vehicle would cost around $500,000.

"We ask that neighbouring municipalities take appropriate measures to ensure their volunteer firefighters are aware of the situation and that they take action to ensure a complement of firefighters are on-call to respond to an incident," said Pender.


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