Cormack farmer says long, cold winter has delayed production

A farmer on Newfoundland's west coast says the relentless winter has taken a large toll on his dairy farm.

A dairy farmer on Newfoundland's west coast says this year's long, hard winter has taken a large toll on his farm. 

Ian Richardson owns Larch Grove Farm in Cormack, where a large number of Holsteins graze and produce milk.

Richardson said it was one of the worst winters he can remember since moving to the province from P.E.I. 12 years ago.

He told CBC News that much of the ground is still frozen, with snow and ice delaying field work by two to three weeks. In some areas on the farm, Richardson said the snow is up to two metres deep.

Richardson said he's also been dealing with some unusual pests.

"In the mornings we've been going up on the field, and we've been having 25 and 30 — up to 50 caribou out on the fields," he said.

"They're grazing on our winter wheat that we planted last year, so it's just adding an extra stress. But luckily the wheat isn't moving much, I think they're just cleaning off what grew up last year and died off."   

Richardson said luckily he has plenty of other feed stored for the cattle. 

He said although it will be a tight financial year, he expects to be able to meet the demand.