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This St. John's movie buff built a video store in his basement as his feature presentation

What started as a bar in the basement of his St. John's home, quickly turned into a time capsule of the 1990s.

Megahit Video goes back in time on a nostalgia trip

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14 days ago
What started as a home bar, turned into a blast from the past. Take a look inside Megahit Video, a virtual basement Blockbuster in St. John’s. 7:07

What started as a bar in the basement of a St. John's home has turned into a time capsule of the 1990s.

Corey Lynch built Megahit Video, an homage to video rental stores of yesteryear.

It has film categorized by genre, a front desk, snacks and the feeling of a Friday night from 20 years ago. 

"What we've heard most is just people are really having those memories, craving that connection again, but also wanting to experience it with their kids, which is something I hear over and over," Lynch told CBC News in a recent interview. 

"It seems kind of unimportant on the surface, but sometimes those things that seem in the overall scheme to be unimportant are actually some of the most important things you have. That's your memories, and people want to touch those again I think."

Watch the full interview with CBC's Carolyn Stokes above.

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