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Construction delayed one year on 'The Overpass'

Work to replace the province's best-known overpass has stalled.

Worker shortage at the root of the problem

The Overpass is set to receive a $5.6 million upgrade. (Google)

Work to replace the province's best known overpass has stalled.

Even though it's not actually in St. John's, the Kenmount Road -Topsail Road overpass has been seen as the symbolic divide between 'town' – and 'the bay'. Now it may be an indicator of how dire the province’s labour shortage could become.

According to the Department of Transportation and Works, the planned reconstruction of the overpass will miss its scheduled completion date by 12 months. 

The original $5.6 million plan called for the work to be finished by the fall of 2011.

The new completion date is for the fall of 2012.

"A lack of skilled workers due to rapid economic growth and ongoing megaprojects" is at the root of the delay, according a government official who spoke with CBC.

The province estimates there will be a shortage of up to 70,000 workers within the next decade.