Nfld. & Labrador

Conservative ad targets opponents in St. John's

Federal election campaign advertisements criticizing political opponents have come to eastern Newfoundland - in the riding of St. John's South–Mount Pearl.

Negative election campaign advertising has come to the eastern Newfoundland riding of St. John's South–Mount Pearl.

A Conservative ad in the weekend Telegram newspaper took aim at Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, Liberal candidate Siobhan Coady and New Democrat Ryan Cleary.

It showed Ignatieff waving and saying, "Bye, bye loan guarantee."

The ad referred to the Conservative Party's assertion that only it will come through with a federal loan guarantee for the proposed Lower Churchill hydroelectric power development in Labrador.

St. John's South–Mount Pearl Conservative candidate Loyola Sullivan defended the advertisement.

"There is only one government really that can deliver the Lower Churchill," he said.

St. John's South–Mount Pearl Liberal candidate Siobhan Coady said the Conservatives are simply playing on fear.

"It's kind of that threat and division kind of politics that the Conservatives have been running for some time now," she said.

And it's no longer just the Conservatives who are nipping at the Liberals heels in the riding.

The NDP is distributing a flyer questioning Ignatieff's trust and attendance in Parliament.

The party's candidate in St. John's South–Mount Pearl, Ryan Cleary, said the negative advertisements are coming from the national NDP campaign, not his.

"I've seen that and that's one of the strategies they want to take, so, yeah," he said.