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Treatment fundraising for Connor McGrath, 13, halted due to declining health

Online fundraising for experimental treatment has been halted due to a Newfoundland-born boy's declining health, according to a Facebook post from his mother.
Online fundraising for experimental treatment for Connor McGrath, 13, has been halted due to his declining health, says his mother in a Facebook post. (YouCaring)

An online fundraising effort to raise money for a Newfoundland-born boy trying to get specialized cancer treatment has been suspended.

Family members for Connor McGrath, 13, who lives in Edmonton, launched an online fundraiser trying to raise $800,000 to send the boy to the U.S. for an experimental treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Kim Searle-McGrath, his mother, posted on a Facebook group called Support for Connor McGrath the decision had been made Monday, following a conversation with the boy's doctors.

"Connor's health has been declining over the last few days and that in itself is a worry," read the post.

"Connor has not responded to his last three treatments and this upcoming treatment is a long shot to say the least."

The post states the family is "hanging on to all hope" the next treatment will improve his health, but if not, CAR T-Cell Therapy will not be an option.

Fundraising for Connor McGrath even got a shout-out from Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, who posted on Facebook about his meeting the boy and asking for the public's help fundraising for treatment.

The boy has been fighting cancer since he was 10 and had gone into remission, but the disease returned in May 2015.

After several rounds of chemotherapy, his doctors in Edmonton suggested the family send him to Philadelphia for the experimental treatment.

"As much as we have deeply appreciated all the support, effort and love that has been put into this major fundraising campaign, we feel it best to clue up any fundraisers that are on to go and not start anything new until we see results from the next treatment," read Searle-McGrath's Facebook post.

"If the treatment shows promising results, we will once again ask for your help in raising even more funds."

She added any funds raised that don't go to the cost of CAR T-Cell Therapy will be donated to charities instead.