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Connection between Portuguese fishermen and Basilica's Fatima statues

In 1955, the Basilica was marking its centenary. Portuguese fishermen presented a gift in the form of nine statues that comprise the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima.

An archival special from CBC Radio's The Broadcast

Lady of Fatima

7 years ago
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Thousands of Portugese fishermen marched from the St. John's waterfront to the Basilica with the Lady of Fatima.

They fished cod off our shores, played soccer on the St. John's waterfront and sang their favourite songs downtown.

In 1955, 4,000 Portuguese fishermen walked in procession from the waterfront to the steps of the Roman Catholic Basilica. The Basilica was marking its centenary.

Newfoundland's connection with Portuguese fishermen and the Basilica's Fatima statues.

The fishermen had a gift to present in the form of a group of nine statues that comprise the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima. 

Days earlier, vessels of the Portuguese White Fleet had begun to arrive in port from cod fishing on the Grand Banks. 

Among them, the Gil Eannes, the mother ship of the fleet, on her maiden visit. 

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