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Woman found dead appears to have fallen over cliff, says Conception Harbour mayor

The body of a 64-year-old woman was found by local residents in Bacon Cove, at the bottom of a steep cliff.

64-year-old Ontario woman found dead at bottom of cliff

Bacon Cove is a picturesque community in Conception Harbour which sits mostly along jagged and steep coastlines. (Submitted by Bertha Hawco)

A part-time resident of Bacon Cove was found dead on Saturday at the bottom of a cliff, and the local mayor says it's likely she died from a fall.

Craig Williams — mayor of Conception Harbour, which encompasses Bacon Cove — said the woman was a 64-year-old vacationer from Ontario who owned a home in the area.

"Bacon Cove is a very tight-knit community within Conception Harbour and they're having a real hard problem adjusting to it," he told the St. John's Morning Show.

"From my understanding she was found by a couple of local residents, neighbours almost."

Bacon Cove is located on Conception Bay, part of the Town of Conception Harbour. (Google)

Williams reached out to local firefighters and RCMP members to see how they were doing after the incident.

"A lot of the people are just in shock," he said. "They can't believe that it happened."

The road through Bacon Cove is close to the cliffs, with a steep drop to the water along most of the way. 

"The area that it happened is not that dangerous to look at, compared to some of the other areas of Bacon Cove, but you know what, things happen."

In a media release issued Monday, RCMP said officers from Holyrood and Ferryland were dispatched to "a sudden death" in the community and were assisted by the local fire department.

Police said the cause of death has yet to be determined, and they were working with the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

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