Meet the 6 Newfoundlanders speaking at TEDxStJohns

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CBC East Coast will follow the speakers as they prepare for their big moments on stage.

How long is a TEDx talk? Around 15 minutes. But those 15 precious minutes are the culmination of weeks of intense preparation.

TEDxStJohns has announced the six speakers who will deliver talks this year. The wide breadth of their topics and perspectives will make for an enlightening evening.

Veronica Dymond

(Ritchie Perez)

Veronica Dymond is a writer, comedian and cartoonist from St. John's. A born nerd and a trained educator, Veronica sees comedy as an opportunity to enlighten as well as entertain, and is excited to share her insights on the philosophy of comedy.

Megan Forsey

(Ritchie Perez)

Megan Forsey of Corner Brook, N.L., is a personal trainer, techno DJ (stage name is L.O.A.), and education co-ordinator at Yung Dumb. She has a Master of Arts in Socio-Legal Studies, and believes in creating community-oriented and safer spaces throughout the city for St. John's nightlife economy.

Earle G. Hall

(Photo Supplied by Earle Hall)

Earle G. Hall is an entrepreneur and technological innovator from Placentia, N.L. A graduate of the Royal Military College and a veteran officer, he holds a master's degree in public administration and is pursuing a doctorate in organizational psychology. His expertise is focused on big data, information correlation and behaviour triggers.

Dr. Delores Mullings

(Ritchie Perez)

Dr. Delores V. Mullings is an associate professor at Memorial University in the School of Social Work. She has an innate love for the scholarship of teaching and learning, which is exemplified in the social justice-oriented approach that she employs in her teaching and learning scholarship.

Boluwaji Ogunyemi

(Ritchie Perez)

Boluwaji Ogunyemi is an assistant professor of medicine at Memorial University and double board-certified dermatologist in both Canada and the United States. As a writer, his work lies at the intersection of medicine, diversity and sociology. He has been published in the New York Times, Globe and Mail, Vancouver Sun and Huffington Post.

Paul David Power

(Ritchie Perez)

Paul David Power is a writer, actor and director. His production company, Power Productions, is a professional theatre company dedicated to the development of works and artists with a focus on the disabled, deaf and mad arts domain. In 2018, Paul's autobiographical award-winning play Crippled premiered at the historic LSPU Hall in St. John's. Since then, the production has toured in the U.S. and Canada.⁣⠀

Journey to the Stage

Right now, these six speakers are immersed in fine-tuning their talks. It all leads up to the big day on May 10, when they'll take the spotlight at TEDxStJohns and deliver their messages. But before they do, you'll get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the rigorous and transformative process of preparing for TEDxStJohns.

From group training bootcamps to weekly one-on-one sessions with coaches, getting ready for TEDxStJohns is no small feat. "Journey to the Stage", on CBC East Coast's IGTV, delivers the raw, authentic moments that lead up to the polished speeches. What are the passions and inspirations that drive people to get up on stage? The anxieties that must be overcome to do so? Stay tuned to find out.

Look for "Journey to the Stage" on @CBC_EastCoast's IGTV channel in early May. This year's TEDxStJohns theme is called "new found LATITUDE", described as "freeing thoughts to take action". Tickets are on sale now.